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Tidiness is half the battle.

This applies especially to cable laying. Smooth functioning, stable cable reels are an important aid in this respect. We carry a range of reels for you that are exceptionally well proven in practice. We will be pleased to advise you on selecting the right type of reel.

cable drums designed as device drums. Additional spooling through robust steel squares to hold the end of the cable which is still accessible and there is no need for unspooling the cable on the drum.

Cable drums for self-assembly
without sockets, with a bigger core suitable for greater cable lengths and diameters; in open and closed style.

Drive stands for cable drums
made of highly shockproof plastic, height of steel tube handle is adjustable with two fixed plain rubber wheels.

Transport trolley
made of L-steel with black powder coating. Plain rubber tyre equipment with two guide rolls and two stand rolls. Available for the SK-range.

Belt pull cable drum (ALD)
Belt pull cable drum for broadcasting vehicles, cable measuring vehicles, with 3 pole slip ring 16 A, etc., with fixed connection housing. Made of fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate, ball beared on both sides, rewinding through belt from frontside, with 3-pole slip ring, with fixed case, without mounting channel. Operating temperature –40 °C to +130 °C.

Motor driven cable drum (ALM)
After the installation the motor driven cable drum must be fixed in a base plate.

Camera cable drum (PL)
Discs, side elements and core rings of fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate. Camera cable drum with extremely large core diameter for very thick cable with large flexural radius. Side elements, drum flanges and core segments made of high-grade, highly robust plastic (fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate RAL 7030).


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Multimedia Cables

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