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Semiconductor production imposes demanding requirements on the cables and leads used. A high degree of product cleanliness, high speeds and precise movement are the requirements in such process equipment. We achieve a substantial reduction in particle emissions through the use of special jacket materials. Plastics based on fluoropolymer are highly resistant to abrasion. Emission-free materials are used for vacuum applications and low-particle production in a cleanroom is a precondition.

We ensure the extreme flexibility of our products with innovative cable design and application-specific choice of materials.

Application example

Ribbon cable for wafer disk sorting

This application requires more than ten million flex cycles and extremely tight bend radii. Any contamination due to particles must be kept as minor as possible during wafer processing.

LEONI has developed an HPF (high performance flex) ribbon cable that achieves a service life of more than 100 million flex cycles due to the use of special fluoroplastics. This cable combines power supply and reliable data / image transmission while operating in a very tight bend radius. The jacket material used is especially abrasion proven and thereby reduces the dirt particles from abrasion during the production process.

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High performance cable solutions

High performance cable solutions

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